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As the busy season approaches our tortoises put on their running shoes to try and avoid the influx of cars that are not used to our relaxed pace of life in our slow town. Unfortunately the tortoises just can’t move fast enough and many are left squashed on our roads.
Others are removed from their homes as people think they will make cute pets. This often leads to their demise. Tortoises are adapted to a specific natural habitat. Their survival is dependent on the correct food and climate. Pet tortoises suffer from parasites such as ticks and worms and may spread virus borne diseases to healthy natural populations. PLEASE DON’T REMOVE THEM.

All species of Tortoise in the Western Cape are protected by the Nature Conservation Ordinance (Ord. No 19 of 1974).                                                                      

Accordingly, no tortoise or part thereof (i.e. the shell) or tortoise eggs may be collected, transported, sold, received as a gift, given, kept in captivity, possessed, imported or exported.
Species such as the geometric tortoise, which is classified as a threatened wild animal, have special protection.
Anyone caught removing tortoises may be liable for a fine or imprisonment.