Birds on the Island

Posted on 27th October 2009 by admin in Birds

Keep those ‘bins’ close at hand at all times! With over 80 different, easily seen birds on your doorstep, The Island is a bird watcher’s idea of heaven.

The river is host to grey heron, black-winged stilt, little egret, pied kingfisher as well as the odd visiting Caspian tern, osprey, spoonbill and greater flamingo. River food is appealing to reed and white-breasted cormorant, red-knobbed coot and little grebe. A real treat is offered when African fish eagles are buzzed by kelp gulls intent on protecting their chicks or stealing a recent catch!  But be quick – listen for that that special call.

Out-and-about on The Island, you will be rewarded with sightings of African hoopoe, Brimstone canary, Cape sugar bird and the shy Burchell’s coucal whose melodious call often heralds much welcomed rain.  Sunbirds are plentiful (amethyst, malachite and both double collared) and Cape white-eye can be heard chattering in the bushes. Keep an eye out for the African Harrier Hawk who likes to raid the Cape weaver colonies and at night, listen for the hard-to-spot fiery-necked nightjar.

The birds in your garden will soon have you well trained to provide their favourite fare: fork-tailed drongo, fiscal flycatcher, wagtail and Cape robin-chat love cheese, the speckled mousebird, Cape bulbul and red-winged starling love fruit and wild-bird seed is popular with the common waxbill, streaky-headed seed-eater, Cape weaver, pin-tailed whydah and Southern grey-headed sparrow!

Enjoy the ever-changing ‘birdscape’ – you will soon become an avid ‘Island Twitcher” if you are not one already!

The Island Life

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